Battered Pattaya Beach getting more tattered


The completion of a new drainage system to protect Pattaya Beach can’t come soon enough, as another storm did even more damage to the ravaged shoreline.

The damage than began with tropical depression Vamco last month has continued incrementally, as water rushing westward down sois connected to Beach Road gouged out huge tracts in the sand, particularly at Soi 6, where pavement has buckled from water saturation as well.

The recent floods have battered Pattaya Beach near Soi 6.The recent floods have battered Pattaya Beach near Soi 6.

Near the Hard Rock Hotel, light posts have nearly toppled as floods ate away at their anchors. A meter-deep, two-meter-wide fissure threatened to swallow pedestrians after dark. Yet there is no sign city hall is addressing the problems.

Thanawat Chatkaew, a security guard at a hotel on Beach Road, said the street is a disaster zone every time in rains heavily, with motorbikes and cars getting stuck and pavements broken.

Installation of three large drainage pipes with cache basins is slated to be complete in mid-December.