Aussie critical after condo fall


An Australian man is in critical condition after falling on his balcony and lying there for more than a day before help arrived.

Sawang Boriboon Foundation rescuers broke into the seventh-floor Center Point Condominium room occupied by Brian Geoffrey Goodger, 63, on Sept. 30. They found him face down on his balcony with deep abrasions and broken bones. His body had been immobilized and developed bedsores.

The wounds had already started to become infected, giving off a foul smell.

He was taken to Pattaya Memorial Hospital where he was listed in critical condition.

Condo manager Witsanu Budsaard, 30, said Goodger had been injured in a motorbike accident a week before and had arrived home from the hospital just four days ago.

A foreigner living next door told management he smelled something rotten coming from the room of the Aussie, who he had not seen for three days. So condo staff climbed onto the balcony to find Goodger lying injured.