American-Thai killed in motorbike accident


An American-Thai man was killed after he slammed his new, high-powered motorbike into the back of a parked truck on Thepprasit Road.

Amnuay Ananthakul, 21, suffered a fractured skull in the crash just before midnight May 2 in front of Samui Easy Tech Co. The force of the impact pushed a Mazda pickup truck 20 meters from its parking spot.

Subban Burton, manager at Samui Easy Tech, said she had parked the truck in front of her shop and home before receiving a telephone call from an employee that the vehicle had been rear-ended. The crash actually awakened her family.

“I was upstairs sleeping like a rock when phones started ringing everywhere,” Easy Tech owner Stephen Burton told friends on his Facebook page. “Sounds of a police/ambulance sirens and 50+ folks milling around Thepprasit Road’s latest vehicle carnage on (the) front door.”

Burton’s damaged truck was impounded, leaving him to work out with police in the days following to retrieve and repair it.