5 arrested for suspected drug dealing


Pattaya police announced the arrest of five suspected drug dealers accused of peddling crystal methamphetamines in entertainment districts.

Alleged ringleader Waraporn Khaerat, 20, was captured Aug. 3 at the Rungruang Village on Soi Nernplabwan with 67.8 g. of ya ice. Also apprehended separately were Jeerawatkrit Niyomjenkha, 32, with 0.75 g. of ice; Hansalak Mungruedee, 24, at Pattaya Plaza Condo; Cambodian “J” Bunmee, 21, with 9 pills of ya ba tablets; and Wanna Somjaiwang, 32, 8 methamphetamine pills.

Police said Waraporn confessed to buying and redistributing the drugs with the help of employees working for her.