Autotrivia quiz – Friday August 10 – August 16, 2012


Last week I asked who was this?  He was almost 60 when he drove his last race, winning it.  During his sporting career he competed in more than 350 races (bike and car), won 105, had 77 class wins, and 100 fastest laps.

Who was he?  It was Tazio Nuvolari, the Flying Mantuan, and for many pundits, still the greatest driver of all time.  Difficult to prove or disprove, but there is no getting away from Nuvolari’s amazing competitive history.

So to this week.  In an effort to beat the ‘Googlers’, try this one.  What is the common viewing component in an MGTC and a MAZ tractor?  This common component is manufactured by the same process and has been the subject of law suits and anti-trust legislation and the technology dates back to 1905.  Enough clues, what is it?

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MAZ tractor. MAZ tractor.