40 disabled Thais receive occupational training in Pattaya


About 40 disabled people from around Thailand learned how to obtain jobs in public agencies during a training seminar organized by the National Office of Empowerment for People with Disabilities.

NEP Director Napha Sethrapkorn presided over the March 31 occupational-training program where attendees were taught the processes by which disabled applicants are screened by government agencies, local government offices and state enterprises. They also learned the rules and regulations in selecting individuals for a job.

NEP Director Napha Sethrapkorn presides over the occupational-training program.NEP Director Napha Sethrapkorn presides over the occupational-training program.

Napha said a 2012 survey showed that more than a million disabled Thais older than 15 are unemployed. The primary reasons for the unemployment are lack of access to jobs and unpreparedness, the survey found.

The blind, deaf and physically handicapped people who attended came from around the country as the NEP works to inspire private and public organizations to hire more disabled Thais.