2 westerners die of heart attacks in Pattaya


Two western men died three days apart of apparent heart attacks, one of which likely was brought on by sexual-performance drugs.

Bela Schreiber, 75, succumbed July 19 in his room at the Day-Night Hotel on South Road.

Police called to the scene found several Viagra tablets on his bed stand and a distraught 35-year-old women who said he collapsed as they were having sex.

Wiphan Duangmanee of Yasothorn told police she had known Schreiber for a while and they would frequently meet up in his room.

Police suspect the blood pressure-raising erectile dysfunction medication exacerbated an existing heart condition.

On July 16, medics were called to the Gran Niran Condo in Central Pattaya where they found the lifeless body of Icelander Einar B Gudjonsson, 75.

He, too, had been in bed when he suffered a heart attack. His girlfriend of three months, Sunee Thongsamlit, 47 of Nakhon Pathom, said he had chest pains out of the blue.


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