2 Iranians charged with shoplifting


Two Iranian men were arrested for allegedly shoplifting clothing from a Pattaya shopping mall.

Central Center security guard Tana Sroythong called police July 3 to report he had detained the two men at the North Pattaya mall.

Mohamed Nejaed, 22, and Omid Sqlmahle, 20, were caught with shirts, jeans, underwear and socks worth a total of 4,000 baht.

Tana said that the two brought white plastic bags with them, then tried to stealthily rip off security tags and stuff them in the bags while no one was looking.

The security guard said the two didn’t realize there were being watched from the outset.

Police said the two Iranians confessed and were charged with theft.

Iranians Mohamed Nejaed and Omid Sqlmahle confess to shoplifting.Iranians Mohamed Nejaed and Omid Sqlmahle confess to shoplifting.


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