Step off the edge of the world into the unknown


There are many imponderables in life, and the belief that the world is flat, is just one of them. Newton’s Law of gravity does not exist, says the Flat Earth Society. The earth isn’t pulled into a sphere because the force known as gravity doesn’t exist. I must keep this in mind, next time my daughter drops her phone. The floor must come up to meet it and shatters the glass. So now we know.

There are other “facts” that we would be well advised to look into. Chemtrails from aircraft are caused by the chemicals they are spraying to poison us all. They aren’t.

Another “fact” you can add to the first two is that mobile phones cause brain cancer. If you are male and escape the brain cancer is the frightening “fact” that “men who use mobile phones for more than four hours a day produce fewer and poorer quality sperm, according to results of a study released at an American Society for Reproductive Medicine conference in New Orleans.”

However, new developments always bring out the soothsayers and harbingers of doom. Forget attacks by extremists, we are all carrying a loaded time bomb in our mobile phone pockets. Well, you could be excused for thinking that with all the shock-horror headlines in the popular press.

I read a banner headline the other day which claimed “Hours of chatting on a mobile phone are suspected to be slashing male fertility around the world, new research shows.”

I mean this is so serious, we should never keep mobile phones on our laps, or heaven help us, slipped between your legs as you drive the car. Can’t you see the headlines, “Driver’s gonads blown to bits by mobile phone!” Next time you are standing at the urinal, don’t shake it, Willy the Wonder Wand might fall off, if we are to believe all this “research”.

If that was not chilling enough, Australian scientists are investigating if children are more vulnerable than adults to the effects of radiation from mobile phones. This should have us worried, as Thailand has one of the highest usage rates of mobile phones. Every Thai, from the age of two, or the age of being able to speak, has one.

The study of 110 adults at the Australian Center for Radiofrequency Bioeffects Research has apparently confirmed mobile phones cause a change in brain function by altering our alpha waves.

The center is now investigating the effect on 40 children aged 12 to 13, and 20 people aged 55 to 75 years.

Associate Professor Rodney Croft, from the centre, said while studies had been conducted on adults, the effect on children had, until now, remained untested. “Although there’s a tiny effect on healthy young adults, there is a possibility that it could be much stronger in children or the elderly,” said the worthy Professor.

Now, Mobile phones are hardly new technology, and there have been claims that using mobile phones produces brain cancer because people with brain cancer have used mobiles, and that is quite stupid.

What is not said in all these shock, horror headlines, is that these research chappies in the hallowed halls of academia need finance to keep going, and they are all in competition with each other to grab a slice of the research dollar. The more shock, horror headers they can get, the more likely they are to get further funding. It is the money train again. But the train doesn’t leave the station until the researchers can get some headlines.

Now there are groups doing genuine research into the malaises of mankind, and the influence of cholesterol on cardiac deaths is a classic example. The Framingham study kicked it all off many years ago, and it has been progressively studied since then. High cholesterol is an adverse factor as far as your cardiac condition is concerned. Believe it. And is unaltered by mobile phone use. Believe that one too.

You can see another headline, “Researchers look for a connection between mobile phones and AIDS. University team reports some new statistics which might lead to a cure.”

Beware of ‘scientific breakthroughs’ reported in the popular press. It may just be fishing for funding.