Euro Cryo-Spa now in Thailand


The only European Cryo-Spa in Asia has just been opened in the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya.  Using a scientifically proven procedure, the new spa has been shown to be beneficial for many conditions, including reversal of skin aging, psoriasis and dermatitis, sports injuries, joint pain, weight loss, sleep disorders, depression, anxiety and stress and even lowered libido.  Not quite the panacea for all ills, but certainly very comforting!

The procedure (known as ‘cryotherapy’ in the IceLAB) hinges on a controlled exposure to extreme cold, with graduated steps from minus 10 degrees C, to minus 60 degrees C and finally minus 110 degrees C for up to three minutes.  Three minutes that could change your life.

As a way to counteract pain, the IceLAB spa experience does not require medications, but works naturally through the exposure to the extreme temperatures by the release of endorphins (hormones) that have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, and incidentally improve mood disorders.

The natural stimulation also works well with soft tissue and joint problems.  There have been countless studies into the benefits of cryotherapy within the sporting field regarding sport injuries and recovery from intense exercise.  Athletes are using whole body cryotherapy to recover from injuries and improve their performance.  For example, Formula 1 racing driver Mark Webber is a regular visitor to the European Cryo-Spas.

Another plus in the Cryo-spa coming from the minus temperatures is that the extreme cold exposure causes to the body to turn up its metabolic rate in order to produce heat.  This effect lasts for 5-8 hours after the procedure, causing the body to ‘burn’ 500 – 800 Kcal over the hours following the procedure.  After several procedures, the increase in metabolic rate tends to last even longer between treatments.  The result is weight loss without dieting!

This unique spa has many other features, which we will go into next week.  More details can be found in the hospital web site or telephone 1719.