Pattaya Prowl: 4 a.m. closing again


The health ministry has again trashed the idea of a national extension of booze hours till 4 in the morning.  Apparently, there’s a danger of more road accidents and increased number of youths becoming dependent on alcohol.  None the less, certificates of exemption might be granted to specified pubs and clubs in tourist areas such as Pattaya.  Sounds like a bad idea.  If the Walking Street got special permission, but not Sexy Soi 6 or the Jomtien Complex, just imagine the hulabaloo.  Cambodia offers a useful parallel.  Most pubs close when the last customer leaves and you don’t see drunks rolling in the streets in Siem Reap or Phnom Penh.  It’s time for a new approach in Thailand.  Agreed?

֎ Nightclub speak according to Bangkok Stickman: a “model” is a lady with huge silicon balloons who dances topless, whereas “skin” means a nude dancer.  Now you know.

֎ Sadly, Casa Pascal has abandoned its popular breakfast buffet which was one of the most popular in town.  Apparently a victim of inflationary pressures.

֎ Diary date.  Mega music festival at Legend Siam April 13-15.  Star-studded line up to delight the fans.

֎ Can you name a club in Pattaya which offers wine evenings from time to time?  That’ll be The Castle, fetish and fantasy venue, on Third Road.

֎ The campaign to abolish all plastic bags by 2027 is on track according to government sources.  So why have several Pattaya superstores started giving them out again?

֎ The Lion bar on Soi Made in Thailand has happy hour until 20.00 hours with local beers 59 baht and local spirits 49 baht.

֎ Great Mediterranean buffet at the Holiday Inn on Fridays, 1090 net per person.  Sumptuous salads by the way.

֎ Thursday night is cowboy night at Azure Fabrice out there on Soi Nern Plabwan.  Wear a Stetson and have one on them.  That’s what we hear.

֎ The recent photos on Facebook showing never-ending, snake-style arrival queues at Suvarnabhumi airport were taken in 2019.  Don’t be fooled.

֎ A fool and his money are soon elected. (Will Rogers).

֎ It is terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hanged. (G.K. Chesterton).

֎ Dynamite Entertainment on Soi Buakhao has a Saturday night special: buy one get one free from their house spirits until 22.30.

֎ Railway lovers will adore Richard Barrow’s Thai Train Guide which has been given a shout-out by the state railway company.  Details on his Facebook page.

֎ If you see two-way traffic on Second Road don’t panic.  It’s just during the musical festivals.

֎ Can you purchase a reentry permit on your way out at U-tapao airport?  We don’t know.

֎ Dunno about Pattaya, but the best breakfast in Siem Reap may be on Sok San road with the message, “Eat breakfast here as we do not use rat, snake or monkey in meals between 7.00 and 11.00 a.m.”

֎ A husband is not an ATM machine. 

֎ Home Bar in Jomtien Complex is likely the only gay bar in Thailand to hold bingo games on a Wednesday night.  Eyes down.

֎ Latest advice from the government is that children should not eat cannabis jellies.  Statement of the obvious.

֎ Play Girls on Soi Buakhao has happy hour 19.00-20.00 with beers and some spirits at 95 baht.

֎ According to Thaiger, Thailand’s sex industry was not created for foreigners and goes back hundreds of years.  Tourists simply prime-pumped the thing.

֎ If God lived on earth, people would break his windows.  Ancient proverb. 

֎ Unique: you can build your own cooked breakfast at Meat Stuff on Thepprasit Soi 8.  Choice of sausages, meats etc from their substantial delicatessen choices.

Happy Hunting!