Obituary: Kees Pruimers Former Chairman of Dutch bridge club

Kees Pruimers, a popular bridge personality, has died aged 74.

Kees Pruimers, one of the earliest members of the Dutch bridge club in Pattaya, has died aged 74 following an unsuccessful heart operation.

He leaves behind a partner, children, extended family and many friends. He was a popular chairman of the club, always on hand to advise members and with a high standard of personal etiquette during the play. Details of the funeral will be announced later.

The club is one of two bridge opportunities in the resort, the other being Jomtien and Pattaya bridge club.  Both are international in membership and some players attend both on a regular basis.

Bridge was introduced into Thailand by His Majesty King Rama VI and international competitions have been held since the 1940s. The first bridge club in the Pattaya area was founded in 1994.