The Flesh Trade?


Dear Hillary,

How is the chocolates and champers appeal going?  Anyone ever drop the loot off?  I have been tempted, just so that I can see you in the flesh, but I’m only in Thailand a couple of times a year, and I don’t remember until I’m on the plane going back home again.  Maybe next time.  Biggest problem is getting the champagne through customs at the Middle East stop-over.  I can buy it in London OK, but then it gets taken off me.


Dear Robert,

What can I do to jog your memory, my Petal?  I can understand the problems with duty free goods, but I am worth paying full price for, surely?  Especially since you wish to see me “in the flesh” as you put it.  However, it will take several bottles of bubbly for me to show much more than a well-turned ankle.  Chocolates are even easier, Robert, and in fact you can get those at our bigger shopping centers.  You don’t have to worry about duty free/customs at all.  But please, do try and find some nice Belgian chocolates, and not a Mars bar.