Time for a SPArkling foot massage


A review of the Tea Tree Spa – Holiday Inn Pattaya

For this issue our spa review remains on the theme of visiting the five-star hotels and establishments in Pattaya.  This time we called in at the Tea Tree Spa, which is located on the 5th floor of the Holiday Inn Pattaya.  I had visited this particular spa many times before but this time was to be a little special as I had selected the most outstanding treatments for our readers to try.

But before indulging in the plethora of treatments on offer here, I had a chance to interview the manager of the Tea Tree Spa, Papakan Saguansap (Jeena) and I first asked her how the name of the spa came about.  Jeena explained that the tea herb has many health benefits and includes various kinds of amino acids, vitamins and minerals that our bodies need.  Health wise, it can help to induce a calming effect, normalize blood levels, provide antioxidants and anti-aging properties and help burn excess fat among many other benefits.  Therefore the spa took the Tea Tree name to represent its approach to promoting a healthy mind and body.

Papakan Jeena Saguansap - Spa Manager.Papakan Jeena Saguansap – Spa Manager.

Tea Tree Spa is a global brand of the Holiday Inn Hotel chain.  The facility in Pattaya is decorated in a simplistic, modern style with the spa placing its focus more on the service side.  It uses many product lines to suit each individual treatment, for example, it chose Dermalogica, a chemical free product from America for facial treatments and Xena, a Thai export product, for body massages.  OPI products have been chosen for the nail salon, which believe it or not attracts more male customers than woman for the manicure and pedicure services.

Welcome smile.Welcome smile.

The Tea Tree Spa has positioned itself on three concepts; namely sensitivity, freshness and positivity.  For the ‘sensitive’ side, the spa puts your needs first, whether you’re on business and pressed for time or on holiday and in need of some pampering, their treatment menu has something for this segment.

On the ‘fresh’ side the spa aims to provide an experience that engages all your senses, and rejuvenates your mind, body and spirit using natural ingredients sourced from all over the world.

The ‘positive’ aspect relates to the exceptional service provided by the Tea Tree Spa team and their commitment to create a positive difference to your well-being.  Their professionalism not only delivers the various treatments with consummate skill, but they also offer advice on how to extend the benefits once you leave the spa.

The facilities here include four body treatment rooms (2 double and 2 singles), two ‘couple’ Thai massage rooms, outdoor spa pavilions used for Thai massage and three pairs of foot massage chairs.

The first of the two outstanding treatments I had a chance to tryout on my visit was an outdoor foot massage, the “SPArkling Foot Massage”, which is a couple’s foot massage package.  First I expected a usual foot massage like those found in general around Pattaya, but I could feel the differences from the first moment that my feet were washed and scrubbed gently with warm water infused with flowers, which helped relaxed my tense muscles.  Then I was invited to a massage chair on the terrace from where I was granted a 180–degree view of Pattaya bay, but what was even more impressive was the sparkling wine which was served throughout my hour long massage.

Now, some of you might wonder how alcohol and spa treatments go together and I think it’s a matter of each individual’s personal taste.  The purpose of massage is mainly to relax the body and this can be greatly enhanced when combined with the aroma of the massage oil, beautiful scenery, a gentle sea breeze and some would say the odd tipple of alcohol to complete the set.

Beside this, Tea Tree Spa has recently introduced the “Slimming Massage”, the second treatment I tried on the day.  My feeling afterwards was that this treatment would be very good for someone coming from a heavy workout or after playing some sport.

The course started with a gentle scrub and massage all over the body with mineral rich cream to refresh the skin and to open pores, followed by a 15 minutes sauna in a sauna dome.  Some people may not like to be in a small space as in a dome but it is very effective and takes very little time; you will feel much better after 15 minutes of detoxifying the body through a good sweat.

Treatment rooms are tastefully decorated.Treatment rooms are tastefully decorated.

A glass of cold coconut water was just what I needed to rehydrate after the sauna.  Then it was a time for the fat burning massage.  Tea Tree Spa chooses the very effective Carole Frank fat-reducing products from France for this treatment.  Techniques used included heavy pressing to unknot the muscles then the therapist wore a pair of rough gloves to scoop my thighs to mold them in a beautiful form, which was an interesting step of the massage because I could feel the muscles in my thighs were both stimulated and relaxed.  Then the treatment ended by applying blue gel to make the skin smooth and firm.

Outdoor massage area overlooking Pattaya Bay.Outdoor massage area overlooking Pattaya Bay.

Anyone who is interested in trying out the experience at the Tea Tree Spa can take advantage of the special package rates of the Sparkling Foot Massage:- 1,990 Baht per couple for one hour massage and 4,990 Baht per couple for 2.5 hours.  Both packages come with a bottle of Australian sparkling wine for you to enjoy during the treatment.  For enquiries about other services and rates at the Tea Tree Spa, call Jeena or her team on 038 725 555 ext 3902 or check out www.facebook.com/teatreespa.pattaya.

A full range of pampering options are available.A full range of pampering options are available.

Sea breezes & massage help rejuvenate mind & body.Sea breezes & massage help rejuvenate mind & body.

Tea Tree Spa’s professional therapist team.Tea Tree Spa’s professional therapist team.

Sparkling wine adds to the ambience.Sparkling wine adds to the ambience.

Natural herbs used at Tea Tree Spa.Natural herbs used at Tea Tree Spa.

Rungratree Thongsai graduated from the Taralai Thai Massage School with professional qualifications in Spa Management, Thai Traditional Massage, Original Western Technical Massage, Reflexology Foot Massage, Aromatherapy Swedish Style Massage, Body Spa, Body Lift-Up, and Business Management of Thai Massage. She also holds a professional spa certificate from the Ministry of Health and a Spa for Health operator’s license.