Jesters’ Fair is this Sunday!


Jesters Care for Kids Charity Drive 2012, Sponsored by Glencore International and Canadian Jackalope Open

The main events of the Jesters Care for Kids Charity Drive 2012, sponsored by Glencore International and the Canadian Jackalope Open, will start this weekend on Sunday, September 9th.

First up is our Jesters Children’s Fair at the Diana Garden Resort in North Pattaya, where it has been held since 2002. The fun starts from 10 a.m. and lasts till dusk, so prepare for a great day out!

Last year we saw our first rainout in 13 years of Children Fairs and, as a result, many well-wishers have expressed their hopes for clement weather this year. However, having rain at this event is nothing new; though it’s generally been the kind typical of the monsoon season and usually temporary.

Girls from Ban Jing Jai Orphanage perform a traditional Thai dance after the rain stopped and the sun came out at the fair last year.  Girls from Ban Jing Jai Orphanage perform a traditional Thai dance after the rain stopped and the sun came out at the fair last year.

Last year was a unique freak storm that dumped rain on Pattaya for 15 hours straight and flooded the streets of the city to an extent not seen in 50 years. So, even after the rain subsided around midday, the flooding prevented people from getting to the Fair.

Fortunately, many of our project kids still managed to get there and had their fun. The fact of the matter is rain or shine, the show goes on.

This year we are celebrating our 15 years of organizing charity drives, starting with our 14th annual Children’s Fair. The focal point will be the stage with project kids’ performances in the morning and teen bands in the afternoon. There will be field games in between culminating with the tug-of war and PSC raffle drawing. We will wrap up the show late afternoon with music from Leo Blues Band.

The schedule for the day looks like this:

10:00: Opening Ceremony for Fair

* National anthem by marching band from Pattaya School

* Opening speech by Chairman Lewis Underwood

* Welcoming speech by Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome

* Ribbon-cutting ceremony by VIP’s

* Harley parade and school

marching band performance

10:30: Start of children’s variety show

* Fountain of Life

* School for the Blind

* Ban Jing Jai Foundation

* Hand to Hand Foundation

* Camillian Center

* Father Ray’s Foundation

12:00: Children’s games

12:30: Dog show

13:00: Children’s games

13:30: Cha Yen band

14:00: Garden International School band

14:30: Regent’s School band

15:00: Children’s games

15:30: Tom Rossetti’s children’s band with special guest, Pookpick

16:00: Children games: tug-of-war

16:20: Presentation of bicycles to ‘best of the class’ FOL children in memory of Chris Kays; donated by Jesters

16:30: Children’s Raffle drawing

17:00: Live music from Leo Blues Band

18:00: Wrap

For those who are renting stalls on Sunday, here is some pertinent information:

* All stalls are approximately 4X4 meters in area with two tables, two chairs and one electrical outlet (approx. 3 amps).  Please note that the system will NOT run electrical appliances that draw a lot of power.

* For safety reasons, no vehicles will be allowed in the stall area on Sunday, September 9th after 0930.  Many stallholders choose to prepare their stalls and offload their heavy items the day before, on Saturday, the 8th after 4 p.m.

* The fair site will be opened from 6 a.m. on the day of the Fair.  Official hours for the event are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

* There is no running water or ice available at the stalls, nor is there any money for change. Please bring trash cans/bags for your stall.

* Banners should be no larger than .75 X 3.50 meters.

* If you have not paid your stall fees already, Bill will collect the 1500 baht amount from you at the fair around midday.

* Please secure valuables at all times. The organizers will not be responsible for any loss or damage that may occur.

* Important Note! This year’s children’s coupons are PINK and are NOT redeemable for cash.  Coupons will only be used internally by school staff for kid’s games.

* Since we sell donated beer, please do not sell beer at your stalls.

* For more info, please contact Bill at 089-930-3558.

If you would like to learn more about our events, please visit us at or Otherwise, see you there!

Please also remember that the Jesters’ Gala Party Night follows the Fair on Saturday, September 22nd at the Amari Orchid Pattaya.

Stall Name Activity
1 Bangkok Hospital Pattaya First Aid, Ambulance
2 The Haven Hamburgers, Fast Food
3 Ban Jing Jai Handicrafts
4 Global Battle Of The Bands Promotion Of Event
5 The Walker Podologic Co.Ltd Information About Foot Disorders
6 Lions Club Of Jomtien Promotion Of Lions International
7 Sausage King Sausages For Sale, TNC Cider
8 Veterans Of Foreign Wars Chili And Hot Dogs
9 Veterans Of Foreign Wars Chili Dogs
10 Veterans Of Foreign Wars Hot Dogs
11 Special Forces Association Chapter 3 Selling Military Souvenirs, Apple Pies
12 Pattaya Pickle Company Pickle Sampling
13 Jesters Beer Tent Sales of donated beer
14 Café Kronborg Danish Restaurant
15 Café Kronborg Danish Restaurant
16 Tony’s Corner Jewelry And Snacks
17 Pattaya Mail Promotion
18 Pattaya Mail Promotion
19 Geckotech Promotion
20 Geckotech Promotion
21 Eco Brand Products Energy Saving Products
22 Eco Brand Products Energy Saving Products
23 Logo Trade Co. Ltd Selling Fry Pans And Cooking Demos
24 Children’s Activities And Development Club Children’s Games
25 Children’s Activities And Development Club Indian Bar B Que, Fiesta Foods
26 Goong’s Thai Food Noodles And Kao Mun Gai
27 Baadshah Indian Restaurant Indian Food
28 Rotary Club Of Jomtien Promotion Of Rotary
29 Khao Larm Khao Larm For Sale
30 Canterbury Tales Used Books For Sale
31 Radio Station Broadcasting From The Fair
32 Care For Kids Activities Children’s Activities
33 Al-Anon/Al-Ateen Family Group Promotion
34 Noi’s Somtam Thai Food For Sale
35 Noi’s Somtam Somtam For Sale
36 Preaw’s Bags Sales
37 Melissa Cosgrove Foundation Promotion
38 Radio Station Broadcasting From The Fair
39 PILC White Elephant Rummage Sale
40 PILC White Elephant Rummage Sale
41 The Blue Parrot Ice Cold Margaritas
42 Jesters Beer Garden Donated Beer For Sale
43 Event Shirts Souvenir Event T Shirts
44 Jester Wear Jesters Clothing For Sale
45 British Legion Promotion Of British Legion
46 Duck Bar Food For Sale
47 JVK International Movers Candy Floss
48 Jamesons Used Books For Sale
49 Jamesons Used Books For Sale
50 Jamesons Used Books For Sale
51 Gala Party Night Raffle Tickets
52 AGS Four Winds Free Ice Cream
53 British Chamber Of Commerce Thailand Promotion
54 MBMG Group Financial Services
55 Open Aid 1000 Villages Village Handicrafts, BBQ
56 Pattaya Panthers Rugby Club Promotion
57 Pattaya Sports Club Children’s Raffle Children’s Raffle Tickets
58 The Regents School Children’s Activities
59 Mercy Center Children’s Activities
60 Rotary Club Of Eastern Seaboard Promotion Of Rotary
61 Siam Properties Bakery And Soft Drinks, Caricature Drawings
62 International School Chonburi Children’s Activities
63 Hand To Hand Foundation Children’s Activities
64 Face Painting Face Painting
65 Tamar Center Baked Goods
66 Jelly Belly Jelly Beans
67 Camillian Center Rayong Sell Handicrafts
68 Moontreephakdee International School Children’s Activities
69 FOL Foot Massage Foot Massage
70 FOL Christmas Cards Christmas Cards Made By FOL Students
71 Father Ray Children’s Activities
72 International School Eastern Seaboard Children’s Activities
73 St. Andrews International School Children’s Activities
74 The Party Shop Party Supplies
75 Garden International School Children’s Activities
76 Take Care Kids Thailand Selling Merchandise And New And Used Clothing
77 Mountain Smile International School Children With Special Needs
78 Pattaya Players Promoting Halloween Event
79 deVere Group Financial Consultation For Expatriates
80 Katie And Sara’s Painting And Dolls
81 Activities For Children Games
82 Activities For Children Games
83 Activities For Children Games
84 Activities For Children Games
85 Activities For Children Games
86 Activities For Children Games
87 Activities For Children Games
88 Activities For Children Games
89 Activities For Children Games
90 Horse Shoe Point Pony Rides
91 Dunk Tank
92 Activities For Children Games
93 Sunrise Tacos Taco, Burritos, Etc.
94 The Pattaya Pickle Co. Climbing Wall
95 Bouncy Castle
96 Hard Rock Hotel BBQ PIG
97 Hard Rock Hotel BBQ Pig
98 Radio Station Broadcasting Live From The Fair
99 Hospitality Tent Rest Area
100 Hospitality Tent Rest Area
101 Hospitality Tent Rest Area
102 FOL Chow Hall Food For Kids
103 FOL Chow Hall Food For Kids
104 FOL Chow Hall Food For Kids