RTAF opens space operations center


BANGKOK,17 August 2019 – To prepare for the increasing threat from space in the future, the Royal Thai Armed Force (RTAF) has opened a space operations center for the purpose of threat prevention, and enhancing national security in outer space.

The RTAF’s new space unit will serve as the primary organization to prevent and preserve national security in space, in keeping with the RTAF’s strategy. The presence of the space center will help lay the foundations of Thailand’s space operations; patrols from outer space; satellite communications; help support other operations in national security, and engage with the international community in space observation. These new missions will help enhance the RTAF’s operational capacity beyond borders, and upgrade the country’s capacity in space missions.

Several units will be operating as part of the space center, namely the operations unit responsible for space mission planning, development, data collection and interpretation; the space monitoring unit is responsible for monitoring threats from outer space, creating a satellite and space object database; a space patrol unit responsible for outer space patrols, satellite system maintenance, an outer space detection system, and space database creation, and a unit providing support for other units’ operations, maintenance, space operations system development, and inventory management.