Online con artists nabbed


Bangkok – Police have arrested many suspects in online scam cases. The total cost of damage caused by these scams is estimated at over 45 million baht.

On Tuesday, acting Commander of the Immigration Police, Pol. Maj. Gen. Surachet Hakphan, in his capacity as director of the Action Task Force for Information Technology Crime Suppression, announced the arrest of Watcharin Kaeosri who is alleged to have tricked more than 100 people into joining auctions of cheap IT products. The victims transferred money into his account but received candies instead of the auctioned items. The cost of damage is more than 300,000 baht.

Another case involves a couple who deceived people on Facebook claiming to be sales representatives of massage spas. They told the victims that the return on investment was more than 600% a year. At first, the victims said they received some profits and invested more in the equipment but this time they were not paid as promised. The cost of damage in this case totaled 10 million baht.

In the last case, the suspects deceived people into investing in big name bags but were later unable to sell the bags as they had claimed. The cost of damage in this case was 35 million baht.

Pol. Maj. Gen. Surachet warned people not to believe that a low investment will bring a high return and they can consult police officers on Hotline 1155.