MNRE accelerates push for sustainable environmental solutions


BANGKOK,18 August 2019 – The Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment (MNRE) has opened a forum to reflect the paradigms in fighting the environmental crisis in order to accelerate the push for solutions to environmental problems especially garbage and dust problems.

At the academic gathering on “Adjusting Paradigms to Fight the Environmental Crisis” a forumof senior government officials of the Department of Environmental Quality Promotion, Mr. Wijarn Simachaya, MNRE Permanent Secretary, pointed out that the current environmental situations is considered at crisis point. They include problems of natural resource invasion, forest fires, climate change, air pollution and land and marine waste problems. They were caused by human habits and economic and social development of the country. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust paradigms, develop concepts and environmental management based on good governance as well as prepare both people and systems for the current critical situation.

He also emphasized observing the policy on sustainable management of natural resources and the environment, in line with the UN’s sustainable development goals and the 20-year national strategies with four important policies: placing importance on solving urgent drought problems in critical areas, accelerating solutions to the problems of land and marine waste, haze, forest fires and dust problems, preventing forest encroachment and increasing the number of forest areas and green areas, while accelerating the issuance of laws and regulations to strengthen the central and provincial agencies and enhancing the potential of a new generation of executives with a green heart so that they can be models for holistic management.