Campaign against garbage dumping in Chao Phraya River


BANGKOK – The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is encouraging vendors at Pak Khlong Talard market to conserve Chao Phraya River by not dumping garbage into the it. That is in line with a plan to call for UNESCO to register the Chao Phraya River as a Cultural Heritage this year.

A campaign for the conservation of the Chao Phraya River was conducted by officials so that the river might be declared a sustainable Cultural Heritage. The campaign against garbage dumping in the river has been carried out for a second week at Talard Wang Lang market.

Vendors and members of the public at the market were encouraged to participate in the campaign by depositing garbage at designated places and not releasing waste water or trash into the river.

The World Monuments Fund declared the Chao Phraya River as one of 28 Cultural Heritage sites last year and called for an end to garbage in the river, especially from Saphan Phut Bridge to Phra Pin Klao Bridge covering a distance of nearly five kilometers.

Singhachai Thiansinghadej, the general manager of Yod Phimarn market in Pak Khlong Talard area, said the market area produces about 30 tons of garbage daily, mostly being rotten vegetables, fruits and flowers. The market collects the garbage twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, for the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s garbage trucks to pick up. The market vendors have cooperated well by keeping the market clean, properly handling the garbage and definitely not dumping it into the river.