ASEAN countries discuss cybersecurity protection


Telecommunications and IT regulators from ASEAN countries have come together at the second TELSOM-ATRC Leaders’ Retreat hosted by the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), where cybersecurity threats comprise the main topic.

The NBTC’s Deputy Secretary General Korkij Danchaivichit chaired the second TELSOM-ATRC Leaders’ Retreat attended by delegates from telecommunications regulating agencies in ASEAN countries, who place high priority on cybersecurity protection of telecommunications networks.

Participants have presented reports on the effects of cybersecurity threats as case studies in each country, in order to mutually find preventive solutions. The meeting has agreed that cybersecurity threats will in the future, continue to increase and come in more varied and complex formats, as telecommunications have increasingly become a vital tool in economic development.

Each country has been assigned to find and develop cybersecurity protection, and later share their knowledge with other member countries.

The NBTC deputy secretary general said today the NBTC, as a national telecommunications regulating body, has been ensuring telecommunication services are protected by law complied with by telecommunication operators. The NBTC will be discussing with operators an improvement in services and the updating of related laws, as well as working with agencies such as the Technology Crime Suppression Division and the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, to ensure preparedness in dealing with cybersecurity threats.