Pattaya urges foreigners to wear face masks and practice social distancing

Dep. Mayor Manote Nongyai and his team distribute face masks to foreigners waiting patiently to enter the Thai Airways International airline office.

In their concerted effort to stem the spread of COVID-19 in Pattaya, city officials led by Dep. Mayor Manote Nongyai, set up an information centre in front of the Thai Airways International airline office on the corner of North Pattaya and Beach Roads on March 25, 2020, where they greeted a gathering of tourists who were waiting to enter the airline office to make or confirm their flight arrangements.

The team included Pol.Capt. Kanrapa Mukdasanit, director of Disease Control acting for Chief of Disease Prevention and Control Section, Pol.Maj. Jeerawat Sukontasub – Chief of Law Enforcement acting for Director of Peace and Security Maintenance together with other relevant officers.

Dep. Mayor Manote Nongyai speaks through a megaphone to the large crowd of people waiting outside the THAI office.

A shelter was erected outside the airline premises because there were too many people waiting to be served and the office could not accommodate all of them at the same time.

The city team took the opportunity to speak to the crowd, both Thais and foreigners about the importance of wearing a faces mask, washing their hands often with soap or with hand gel. The people were also encouraged to keep safe by practicing social distancing.

Face masks were distributed free of charge to the people waiting and afforded them any advice that was needed. (PCPR)

Dep. Mayor Manote Nongyai and his team speak to the airline staff to afford them as much assistance as possible.
It was a long and tiring day of waiting for many travelers.
The elderly received special care from the kind city officials.