You can be a Cordon Bleu chef with a chicken


Chicken “Cordon Bleu” is a satisfying dish for both the cook and the diners, though the chicken might have other ideas.  “Cordon bleu” comes from L’Ordre des Chevaliers du Saint Esprit, a 1578 AD elite group of French knights.  The group became known for their extravagant and luxurious banquets, known as “cordon bleu” (blue ribbon).

Cooking Method

Flatten chicken breasts with the heel of your hand.  Wrap a slice of ham around a piece of cheese about 5 cm long and 0.5 cm wide and then wrap the chicken breast around the ham and cheese.

Dip the breasts in flour, then in the egg wash (a beaten egg in 100 ml milk) and then in finely crushed bread crumbs.  Brown in hot oil about 4 minutes a side.

Finish the chicken cordon bleu in the microwave on medium for around one minute to ensure the cheese has melted.