Oysters Kilpatrick


Our “better” restaurants are serving fresh oysters again, imported (flown) from France to Pattaya, shivering in their shells.  Local oysters generally come without shells, but to serve Kilpatrick Oysters, you will need some shells.  Buy some unshelled ones as well (or beg for the shells from your local restaurant).

Cooking Method

Remove oysters from shells and put aside.  Put shells on a baking sheet and heat in a moderate oven.  Mix Worcestershire sauce and cream.  When shells are hot, return oysters to shells.  Use tongs to handle the shells, as they get very hot.  Add a little of the cream mixture to each shell; sprinkle with salt and pepper.  Note that if the oysters are small, you can put more than one in the shell, using some of the cheaper local market oysters.

Top each oyster shell with chopped bacon and fine breadcrumbs.  Place baking sheet under a hot griller and grill until bacon is crisp (but not burned) and oysters are warmed through.  You can also give them another splash of Worcestershire sauce just before serving.  For a final touch place the hot shells on a bed of sea salt.