Yala Fisheries Department holds a fish fair


YALA 27 May 2014  — The Yala Fisheries Department is holding a fish fair to help instill a sense of environmental protection among local Thais.

The Yala fish fair is designed to promote the protection of the environment and showcase the southern region’s finest fish. The fish fair is taking place around Yala’s City Hall with more than 50 species of fish on display.

The venue also hosts a fish spa in which participants can have a type of cleaning fish nibble their feet clean for 20-30 minutes. Prices range from 20-30 baht for both children and adults.

An official with Yala’s Department of Fisheries, Bantueng Chotechuang stated that the events will continue until 4th June, 2014 and be a showcase for Thailand’s beautiful fish, as well as fish that are of economic importance to the country. Mr. Bantueng further commented that he hoped the fair would encourage the local people to care more about the abundance of fish in Thailand’s waters and protect their natural habitats.