Writing off November, Pattaya hotels point to better December bookings

Pattaya hotels are speeding up getting the paperwork to become Safety and Health Administration Plus-certified hotels, hoping tourists from overseas pick up next month.

Thailand’s reopening has brought almost no foreign tourists to the city, but officials say things look better for December.

Safety and Health Administration Plus-certified hotels in Pattaya report bookings picking up from overseas travelers for next month, with foreigners betting alcohol will be back in restaurants and even bars reopened by then.

Pattaya City Councilman Sinchai Wattanasartsathorn said inquiries have not only increased from solo travelers but tour operators as well.

While Pattaya is “open” again, November is being written off as a transition period, as the city businesses remain largely closed, especially the bars, clubs and venues foreigners come for.

Sinchai said about 100 hotels now have SHA+ plus registrations with the hope of soon having more of the city’s 120,000 rooms available.

City Councilman Sinchai Wattanasartsathorn said December inquiries have increased from solo travelers and tour operators.

Hotels that follow the right protocol would be allowed to post signs showing their compliance.

November bookings haven’t picked up yet, but hoteliers hold out hopes for a better December.