V Foods partners with Dao-Heuang Group to tackle ASEAN coffee market


BANGKOK, 11 June 2015 – Variety Foods International Co., Ltd. (V Foods) has partnered with Dao-Heuang Group to tackle the coffee and ready-made beverage market of the upcoming ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

V Foods has targeted a 10-percent market share in three years. Its President Apirak Kosayodhin said that the AEC will open doors to Thai markets for several foreign businesses.

However, the advent of the AEC also affords V Foods the opportunity to expand into the regional coffee market, valued at a billion baht. Therefore, Mr Apirak signed a partnership with Mrs. Leuang Litdang, President of Dao-Heuang Group. Dao-Heuang Group is the leading coffee producer from Lao PDR.

The two companies will cooperate in producing, distributing, and marketing ready-made coffee.

Meanwhile, V Foods will also begin producing ‘V corn,’ sold both on the cob and in cups with butter. V Foods uses Golden Sweet Corn, which won the 7 Innovation Awards 2015. The corn is locally sourced, meaning it will stimulate domestic agriculture, especially in Kanchanaburi province and the North.