Unilever to invest more in Thailand


BANGKOK, 12 February 2013  The multinational consumer goods giant Unilever is preparing to increase its investment in Thailand by 2.8 billion baht on confidence that domestic consumption will continuously expand. 

Chairman of Unilever Thailand & Indochina Bauke Rouwers estimated that the overall Thai economy would continue to be strong while the 300-baht minimum wage increase would help stimulate purchasing power. As the consumer goods market in Thailand was likely to grow, he said Unilever had set plans to invest more in the country by building a plant to manufacture home utensils at Lat Krabang Industrial Estate. The new plant is worth 800 million baht.

In addition, Unilever will also set up a product distribution center in Chachoengsao province with investment of two billion baht. The company has set a target to make sales grow more than last year, which saw revenue of 40 billion baht or a 13% increase compared to 2011.