Transport Ministry discusses new free bus and train services policies


BANGKOK, 4 April 2014,  – The Transport Ministry has discussed possible approaches to enhance the quality of free bus and train services.

Theerapong Rodprasert, Deputy Secretary General of the ministry, made the statement after a meeting on the matter, saying his ministry could either scrap the current policies entirely and propose a new set of services later on, or adjust and improve the existing services, or append new services to the existing ones.

According to him, the meeting concurred that the last option is the most viable choice, as the free transportation services should be restricted to a certain group of low income earners. To do this, the government could issue coupons for the rides or set up rules to provide the group with certain privileges by way of through-ticket system, he explained. The Transport Ministry would formulate the specifics of the model before forwarding it to the cabinet for consideration.