Tourism entrepreneurs caught by new curfew


BANGKOK, May 28 — Khaosan Road has turned quiet following the imposition of a curfew, while many entrepreneurs praise the imposed shorter business hours.

The well-known night market atmosphere of Khaosan Road is now in the doldrums, affecting the food, clothing and other businesses.

Goong, JoeJoe’s Padthai owner, said he has lost his income in selling padthai, Thaiand’s popular stir-fried rice noodle, from 300 to 50 dishes, losing more than 8,000 baht per day. However, he insists he will continue selling padthai to try to meet his liabilities

“I agree with the new curfew from midnight to 4am from 10pm-5am,” he said. “It’s more like business at the usual Khaosan time.”

He said he hoped for a normal situation to return, along with creating a better image tourism in long term.