TISI launches website providing advice to luxury car buyers


BANGKOK, 02 May 2014 – The Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) will this month launch a website publicizing lists of luxury car distributors and importers for the benefits of buyers, Secretary-General Urit Srinongkhot says. 

The website will contain names of TISI certified dealers, Gray Market Importers, to help assure buyers that those names listed in the www.tisi.go.th site are operators who have strictly followed regulations covering luxury vehicle imports. Mr. Urit said vendors who received the TISI endorsement are guaranteed to offer products that conform to the quality, safety, and environmental codes in accordance with the TISI standard. Mr. Urit thus urged luxury car buyers to purchase cars from the vendors listed in the site.

He said, after the TISI has issued codes mandating dealers and exporters to bring their vehicles for inspection with the institute before selling them, there have been 2,763 inspection requests since last September covering inspections of 8,280 vehicles.

The Secretary General said out of the total requests, 1,929 have been approved, allowing 6,534 vehicles to be sold legally. He stated the remaining requests would soon be processed.