The National Reform Council endorses agendas for digital economy development.


BANGKOK, 11 August 2015 – The National Reform Council has endorsed a report entailing proposals for the development of digital economy, and for the improvement of Thailand’s standing as a center of commerce and services. 

NRC members convened on Monday to deliberate the agendas of digital economy development, for which the members unanimously voted in favor, and development of the country into the hub of ASEAN, for which 192 of the members voted 192 in favor.

Kroekkrai Chiraphaet, the head of the committee proposing the digital economy agenda, explained that the existing economy will be remodeled to rely on digital connectivity wherein every sector of the population makes use of the internet. To achieve this goal, a five-point strategy has been designated which is related to the development of the digital infrastructure, development of supporting infrastructures, development of an infrastructure of services, the promotion of digital economy and the promotion of a digital society. Mr. Kroekkrai also noted that another long-term objective of the strategy would be to reduce disparity.

For the ASEAN hub agenda, Monday’s report proposed the setting up of a committee to oversee ASEAN-related economic affairs comprising representatives from the public and the private sectors and from the civic sector as well as from think tanks.