Thaioil: Crude oil price to stay around 95-105 dollars per barrel this week


BANGKOK, 16 July 2012  –Thaioil Public Company Limited has predicted that the crude oil price will stay in the range of 95-105 dollars per barrel this week. 

The Thaioil reported that the oil price has risen for three consecutive days after the Chinese GDP report came out as many analysts predicted. The Thai giant oil conglomerate is keeping an eye on the IMF and the US economic reports.

According to the report, benzene prices have increased more than the Dubai crude oil’s after Indonesia imported more than expected, while India exported more oil to the Middle East and the US; leaving less benzene quantity in Asia.

The Thaioil said diesel prices have also adjusted up along with the Dubai crude market, while high demand for diesel in summer also helps push the prices up.