Thailand’s imports of luxury goods increased almost 50%


BANGKOK, Jan 9 – Thailand’s imports of luxury goods last year skyrocketed with fruit, perfumes, cosmetics and leatherware topping the list with a combined value of US$1.2 billion (Bt38.4 billion), according to the Customs Department.

In its report to the cabinet on Tuesday, the department said the highest imported value of $457 million (Bt14.1 billion) went to fruit in the 2012 fiscal year (Oct 2011-Sep 2012) representing a 37.66 per cent increase, followed by perfumes and cosmetics at $445 million (Bt13.8 billion), a 17.09 per cent increase from the 2011 fiscal year, and leather bags and belts at $337 million (Bt10 billion), an increase of 33.57 per cent.

The Customs Department also reported that the value of imports increased on 13 luxury items, including eyeglasses (40.59 per cent increase), clothing for men. women and children (33.57 per cent increase) and cigarette lighters (28.23 per cent increase).