Thailand’s fuel import hits new record high


BANGKOK, 21 December 2012  Thailand has has broken its fuel import record, as it increased to over one trillion baht this year.

According to Energy Business Department Director-General Veerapol Jirapraditthakil, the total imports of crude and refined oils and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in 2012 have reached 929-thousand barrels per day worth over 1.1-trillion baht.

This figure is the highest in Thailand’s history and surpasses the 837-thousand barrels per day or 1.03-trillion baht last year in a sharp increase in demand and rising price of crude oil and LPG.

Meanwhile, the use of natural gas vehicles for cars has jumped 20.6 percent to 7.7-million kilograms of daily consumption, followed by an 11 percent increase in LPG consumption at 605-thousand kilograms monthly.

Mr Veerapol expected that the government will subsidize fuel consumption at 95.4-billion baht this year, while oil consumption next year will expand by 4-to-5 percent.