Thailand’s 3G services to move on after court’s ruling


BANGKOK, Dec 3 – Thailand’s  Administrative Court today refused to rule on a request to suspend the allocation of 3G licences by the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) to three bid winners. 

The Office of the Ombudsman earlier asked for the court’s decision not to issue the 3G licences to the bid winners, charging the NBTC with granting the licences without fair competition as stipulated by the constitution.

The court said the Ombudsman was not authorised to file a petition on the case.

In an auction on Oct 16, the NBTC awarded licences for mobile services on 3G spectrum to Thailand’s three largest mobile phone companies—Advanced Info Service (AIS), Total Access Communications (DTAC) and True Move.

The bid results drew criticism and protests from different quarters of Thai society, including the Finance Ministry.

The NBTC is obliged to issue licences to the bid winners within 90 days after approving the bid outcome.