Thailand will soon establish a biodiversity property bank


BANGKOK, 4 September 2015 – The Biodiversity-Based Economy Development Office (BEDO) is planning to set up a biodiversity property bank to protect Thailand’s biodiversity properties.

According to BEDO Director Veerapong Malai, the lack of a biodiversity property governing body has prompted the BEDO to set up a central unit that will specifically be responsible for preserving all biodiversity properties.

Mr. Veerapong added various organizations dealing with wildlife and plants are currently working independently and are responsible for their own biodiversity resources.

The BEDO is thus organizing a workshop being taken part by world biologists who will provide experience to BEDO officials on the establishment principles, procurement of necessary tools and sustainable administrative principles for the new biodiversity property bank. The BEDO has already collected 50 biodiversity items to be kept at its newly established Biodiversity Biobank.

Private companies and government agencies are able to request samples of living organisms at the bank for their own researches or for commercial purposes.