Thailand to become party to Madrid Protocol to protect IP rights


BANGKOK, 22 July 2013 The Ministry of Commerce is trying to make Thailand a party to the Madrid Protocol in an attempt to protect intellectual property rights for Thai inventors. 

Department of Intellectual Property Director General Patchima Thanasanti said that ASEAN nations have committed to joining the Madrid Protocol, as the realization of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) will allow free flows of goods and labors across the borders. As cheap labor becomes abundant, the prices of products will decline.

Mrs. Patchima is concerned that this would lead to violation of copyrights on Thai products. The Madrid Protocol has been seen by ASEAN as a tool in keeping intellectual property rights intact.

According to her, it would also make obtaining international copyrights easier for members as any potential candidate will be required to pay a one time fee only. Once Thailand becomes a party to the Madrid Protocol, Thai products will be protected in 80 countries worldwide.