Thailand-New Zealand set to promote trade and educational cooperation


BANGKOK, 1 May 2012 – Thailand is determined to promote mutual cooperation with New Zealand in the areas of trade and education. 

Upon the conclusion of his diplomatic term in the kingdom, the Ambassador of New Zealand to Thailand, H.E. Bede Gilbert Corry, has paid a visit to Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra. The PM has expressed contentment on the cordial Thai-New Zealand relationship, which has long been one of a peaceful friendship. On behalf of the Thai government, Ms. Yingluck has also extended gratitude to the New Zealand government for having supported Thai people in their process of learning the English language, especially the scholarships granted to Thai teachers to further their studies in English language teaching.

Additionally, Thailand and New Zealand are also bound by a cooperation in trade, of which the value has constantly been enhanced following the signing of Thailand-New Zealand Closer Economic Partnership Agreement in 2005.

Ms. Yingluck has reiterated that the Thai government will continue to foster mutual cooperation in trade, education and science and technology with New Zealand.