Thailand and Mozambique focusing on trade relations


BANGKOK, 30 July 2013 Thailand and the Republic of Mozambique have reportedly agreed to establish bilateral relations in all areas, especially trades and investments. 

Following Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s visit to Mozambique, the talks between Ms.Yingluck and Mozambique Presidnet Armando Emilio Guebuza have been successful. Ms. Yingluck stated on the second day of her visit that Thailand would support and set up cooperation with Mozambique in various areas, such as the development of the country’s infrastructure, which includes the construction of railways and seaports, as well as farming, mining, fisheries, public health and jewelry trade. Both Thailand and Mozambique have also agreed to double their trade volumes within the next 5 years.

Moreover, the two countries have agreed to establish the Thai-African Initiative to serve as a forum of cooperation between Asia and Africa. The first ever high-level conference between the two nations will be held in Thailand in February next year.

Thailand has launched a project called Thai Volunteers in Mozambique and sought permission to open a Thai embassy in Maputo. As a result of their talks, 5 agreements have been signed. In addition, Ms. Yingluck has congratulated Mozambique’s first female Senate Speaker, who in turn congratulated her on being the first female premier in Thailand.