Thai vegetables resumed exports to Switzerland.


BANGKOK , 29 May 2011 – Commerce Minister Pornthiva Nakasai disclosed that the European Union (EU) had accepted the country’s request in using 100 % intense inspection measures with 16 kinds of vegetables for export purposes such as sweet basil, coriander, cumin, pepper and eggplant, adding that without a thorough inspection, the vegetable exports would be prohibited. Moreover, the export procedure would require exporters to only register with the Department of Agriculture. The restriction came into effect since 14 March 2011. Reportedly, the Department of Agriculture had inspected parts of export’s vegetables and sent to Switzerland already but they were still unable to reach EU.

Moreover, the Commerce Minister said, at present vegetables exporters and import companies were successful in vegetable production with the screening process controlled by Department of Agriculture. However, Thai authorities will be also needed to monitor the products in order to prevent any damages towards the essential products that represent the country.

Ms.Pornthiva also said, the fact that certain vegetables could be exported to Switzerland had boosted confidence in the possibility that in a short while, the flaws in vegetables production would be eliminated with a reliable system and the exports procedure would be less cumbersome. Switzerland is known for strict sanitation measures when it comes to consumption, so in conclusion, if the vegetables production can pass through the investigation process in Switzerland, they are likely to be accepted by the EU as well.