Thai stocks expected to rally in anticipation of emergency decree withdrawal


BANGKOK, 11 March 2014 Thai stocks are expected to rebound again this morning following an anticipation that the emergency decree would be lifted, sending the SET Composite Index to fluctuate around 1,340 – 1,355 points.

CIMB Senior Analyst, Kasem Panratanamala, stated that Thai stocks would have a tendency to reach 1,350 points again after news was spread that the emergency decree would tentatively be lifted when its 60-day enforcement expires in the next two weeks.

He cited reports as saying the proposed lifting of the emergency bill would be raised to the Cabinet this week. The proposal included re-imposition of the Internal Security Act (ISA).The news has brought greater investors’ confidence to the stock market.

Other parts of Asia have seen various fluctuations. Moreover, the Dow Jones has not shown any concrete signs of where it is heading. Investors, however, are keeping a close eye on China’s market as the dragon nation’s stock figures are considered to be relatively volatile at the moment.