Thai-Malay border trade unaffected by coup


The trade between Thailand and Malaysia at the border checkpoint at Betong District in Yala Province has not been affected by the coup d’etat.

The managers of several hotels in Betong Municipality said that tourism in Betong has remained unaffected since the National Peace and Order Maintaining Council (POMC) seized government power. No rooms have been cancelled although there are tourists asking about the situation in Thailand. The local tourism businesses are trying to promote understanding among the tourists so that they have confidence in their safety.

At the Thai – Malay border checkpoint in Sadao District in Songkhla Province, opposite the Bukit Kayu Hitam checkpoint in Malaysia, there are also tourists from Malaysia and Singapore continuously entering the country. Although the number is not large because of the low season, there has been no noticeable change since the seizure of government power by POMC.