Thai ICT-related industries will be promoted in ASEAN


BANGKOK, 8 August 2012  – The Information and Communication Technology Ministry, or ICT, is supporting and encouraging the Thai ICT-related industries for the advent of the AEC. 

ICT Minister Anudith Nakornthap revealed that his ministry has drawn up a plan to boost competitiveness of Thai ICT entrepreneurs in the international market. The ICT Ministry has a specific strategy to create new entrepreneurs in this field in order to prepare the country for the upcoming ASEAN economic community. He added that specific strategy has been laid down for many ICT industries, including software, animation, games, computers, network services, and electronic industries. The Ministry has compiled information regarding the value of ICT-related industries, the number of entrepreneurs and personnel involved, growth tendency, and technology trends. The information will be used in formulating a policy and right-to-the-point work plans to upgrade the ICT sector. The ministry is also set to help educate Thai entrepreneurs about the AEC market, making it easier for them to find trade partners in the region.

Towards that goal, the ICT Ministry will provide ICT courses to new and existing ICT entrepreneurs. The courses will educate Thai businessmen about marketing, finance, law, and accounting, so that they can start up their businesses in the right way and reduce the risk of business failure.