Thai entrepreneurs to expand business networks in Europe


BANGKOK, 9 September 2012 – Ms. Nantawan Sakuntanaga, Director-General of the Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, says that in order for Thai goods to penetrate wider markets in Eastern Europe, her office has laid out guidelines to promote products and services using creativity and innovations to add value to Thai exports. These measures are congruent with Europe’s new era of modern trade and business.

The Department of International Trade Promotion is leading a delegation of 48 T hai entrepreneurs to join in a trade show in Poland, called Thailand Trade Show 2012. The delegation will also travel to negotiate with French organizers, in order to create a network with foreign importers. The trip is taking place from September 5 to 9. The visit is expected to result in immediate orders worth no less than 30 million THB while year-round orders could be no less than 100 million THB.

The products that are expected to garner great popularity at the Thailand Trade Show are ready-made foods, condiments, spa products, gifts, and gems. Ms. Nantawan adds that Polish citizens have a positive attitude towards Thai products, which are deemed well-made, elegant, of good quality, and long-lasting.

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Correspondent : Itiporn Lakarnchua

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