THAI employees end strike after salary increase agreed


BANGKOK, Jan 20— A protest by hundreds of Thai Airways employees at Suvarnabhumi Airport to demand increased salary and bonus payments ended after THAI board of director agreed to raise salary by the maximum level of 7.5 percent.

After the meeting and negotiation between THAI board and representatives of the labour union, the maximum of 7.5 percent salary increase was mutually agreed.

Regarding the demand for a two-month bonus payment, the airline’s labour union is scheduled to meet with THAI president Sorajak Kasemsuvan on Monday to learn about the company’s performance, on which the bonus payment is based.

Currently, the situation at the country’s main international airport is back to normal and the operations have resumed normally.

The strike led by the labour union started on Friday afternoon (January 18) at Bangkok’s main international airport. The rally was aimed at calling for the 7.5 percent salary hike and the two-month bonus.

The protest disrupted operations, delayed some flights and interfered with luggage handling, forcing delays at luggage claims.