Thai Consumer Index drops for 4th consecutive month


Thailand’s Commerce Ministry announced that last month’s Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) dropped for the fourth consecutive month to its lowest in 22 months owing to consumer uncertainty over the Thai economy.

The ministry’s Trade Policy and Strategy Office surveyed 3,220 consumers nationwide on their economic situation, income and job opportunities at present and for the next three months.

The CCI in February stood at 26.7, down from 29.5 in January. Such figure towards the current situation dropped from 22.3 in January to 19.8 last month, while the figure towards future situations also lowered from 34.3 to 31.3 as a result of the prolonged political protest in the capital which psychologically affects consumers on their spending, drought in the north and the northeast and higher liquid propane gas prices.

Entrepreneurs and investors are uncertain on the economic situation, for the political situation impacts the tourism sector, as seen in all indices that are lower than 50.

Consumers wish the government to urgently fix problems on the cost of living, goods prices, oil prices as well as the ongoing political conflicts.