THAI confirms normal services for passengers


BANGKOK, 22 May 2014  – Thai Airways International (THAI) has affirmed all services are being carried out normally despite the military coup while asking passengers to arrive at the airport early. 

Although a coup d’?tat and a curfew had been declared throughout Thailand, Mr Chokchai Panyayong, Acting President of THAI, insisted that the airline would conduct normal flight operations in any situation. He revealed that the company was keeping a close eye on the domestic situation and assured foreign visitors of their safety during their stay in the kingdom.

According to Mr Chokchai, efforts are being made to create a correct understanding of the current happenings among passengers and ease their anxiety. The acting president also gave assurance that the airline would take good care of its customers as it had always done.

Mr Chokchai added that all travelers could still access the airport as usual. If stopped by authorities during their commute, they are encouraged to present their traveling document. They are also recommended to arrive at the airport sooner to avoid the risk of missing flights.