Thai Chamber of Commerce encourages investors to go to Myanmar


BANGKOK, 28 February 2013 The Thai Chamber of Commerce considers Myanmar as the most attractive ASEAN country for investment and suggests the government inform Thai investors of investment rules and regulations in Myanmar. 

Director of the Center of Economic and Business Forecasting of the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, Thanawat Polwichai, said Thai businessmen considered Myanmar as the most favorable country for investment in ASEAN for the moment thanks to its advantageous positions in terms of location, agricultural resources and production bases of many products. Myanmar makes a good market base due to its labor cost and Thai products’ popularity in that country will also benefit Thai investment there, the director said.

Mr Thanawat added that Thailand could use Myanmar as a gateway for Thai exports since both countries had several channels in their contacts while Myanmar owned many routes to other countries outside the region. Spa, service and beverages were among the Thai businesses with prospects in Myanmar.

However, the director said Thai businessmen still lacked information about investment rules and regulations in Myanmar. He therefore urged the Thai government to issue investment promotion measures and help arrange a meeting between businessmen of both sides to discuss their investment and cooperation.