Thai Cambodian border crowded with holidaymakers


SRISAKET, 2 August 2012-The atmosphere on the Thai-Cambodian border in Phusing district, Srisaket province has been electrifying as many Cambodian nationals are making their way across the border to shop for alms giving items on the occasion of Buddhist Lent Celebration tomorrow. 

According to the report, the weekend market is the main attraction for Thai and Cambodian residents around the border. A group of 31 Harley drivers, also known as Big Bike, have also gotten together to embark on a trip to Cambodia this morning; their final destination is Nakorn Wat temple.

Their journey is hoped to help promote Thai and Cambodian relations. They will also meet with Cambodian bike lovers. According to one tour agent, after the troops have been withdrawn on both sides of the border, local tourism has now returned to its glorious days again.

He added later that the long weekend has drawn many holidaymakers from Thailand to cross over to Cambodia to visit Nakorn Wat temple; vice versa, many Cambodians have also entered Thailand to shop for items needed for the Buddhist holidays.