Thai border trade grows up for 2 months in a row


BANGKOK, 19 April 2011 – Thai border trade has been expanding for two consecutive months (from January to February 2011) worth totally 140.72 billion baht, up by 14.7%, according to the Department of Foreign Trade (DFT). 

DFT Deputy Director-General Pongpun Gearaviriyapun elaborated that out of the total trade value, 93.56 billion baht was worth of Thai exports, growing by 20% while imports were 47.166 billion baht worth, an increase of 5.5%. As a result, Thailand had a trade surplus of about 33.45 billion baht.

Ms Pongpun forecast that the Thai trade with neighboring Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia would be expanding continuously in line with their economic growth resulting in higher demand for Thai products plus positive outcomes of the ASEAN Free Trade Agreement.

The deputy director-general further reported that the border trade with Malaysia grew 15% to 91.71 billion baht in value, dividing into 62.26-billion-baht exports and 28.81-billion-baht imports.

The trade value with Myanmar rose by 14% to stand at 22.91 billion baht, dividing into 9.96 billion baht exports and 12.94 billion baht imports. The border closure of the neighboring country since 18 July 2010 did not affect border trade between the two countries.

Trade with Laos increased by 13.7% to stand at 16.61 billion baht in value. Thai exports to and imports from that country were recorded at 12.34 billion baht and 4.27 billion baht respectively. The expansion was maintly attributed to the establishment of Bung Kan as the 77th province of the kingdom. The province is located opposite the Laotian town of Paksan across the Mekong River.

Lastly, trade with Cambodia was 10.13 billion baht in value, moving up by 17.8%. Thai exports and imports during the first two months of this year were 8.99 billion baht and 1.142 billion baht worth respectively.